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Contract Hire

The hassel-free way to meet your fleet vehicle leasing needs. Streamlining your budget with AFS contract hire

and experience all the advantages of your own company fleet with zero hassles commitment, and with a wide choice of vehicles we can supply whatever you need.

Key Features

  • Off balance sheet funding as vehicles are owned by AFS
  • Fixed monthly cost for the life of the contract
  • Flexible lease terms and mileage use to suit your business
  • AFS takes on all associated risks of vehicle ownership
  • How does AFS Contract Hire work?

    We own the vehicles you drive, so we’re responsible for insuring, maintaining them and for the costs of any depreciation. You get to use them while we have a contract (Master Agreement) – and when it ends, we take them back.

    The monthly rental for our contract hire vehicles is fixed while your contract lasts – so you can improve your budgeting and cash flow forecasting.

    Who is AFS Contract Hire for?

    We offer contract hire for fleets of all sizes, and will tailor our service to suit your business needs.

    Why choose AFS Contract Hire?

    With Contract Hire, we retain vehicle ownership while you enjoy a stress-free fleet.

    A. Maintenance

    We are assuming the responsibility of operation for maintenance and repairs while keeping the maximum flexibility. Simply present the AFS service card at any authorized service center, without any advance of funds and it will be repaired or maintained with a smile.

    Our Maintenance programs Include
  • Periodic maintenance as prescribed by manufacturer.
  • Interim Control of the oil level & fill up.
  • Every mechanical repair resulting of normal wear and tear.
  • When the vehicle is delivered to the driver, he receives a Driver Guide Set and a personalized AFS Service card, providing all the dedicated numbers and information about the services.

    B. Tyres

    The security of your staff is paramount. Therefore, you will get the benefit of early replacement of the tires for each vehicle as prescribed by manufacturer.

    C. Insurance

    Arabian Fleet Services provides a complete comprehensive insurance solution through the largest Insurance Companies in UAE.

    The vehicles are fully covered with insurance including collision damage waiver & third party insurance. However, the renter’s responsibility in case of Accident will be charged for a non- waivable excess according to each car group.

    D. Roadside Assistance

    This 24/7 benefit in case of breakdown, accident or damage of the vehicle is guaranteed. AFS will supply the roadside assistance service, just dial our hotline (050) 800 9695.

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