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AFS introduces specialist ‘OneCall Assistance
(050 – 800 9695)’ team to ensure minimum downtime for AFS Light & commercial vehicle customers.

AFS is strappingly penetrating the market of the light & commercial contract vehicle hire market and thereby recognizes the increasing demands placed on fleets and the absolute priority of minimum vehicle downtime.

AFS has created a dedicated team of OneCall Assistance(050-800 9695) advisors that have undergone a unique training and development program so they have the knowledge and expertise in the vehicle leasing market.

In order to reduce vehicle downtime, AFS also has a team of technical support coordinators. As soon as AFS are advised that a vehicle is off the road, a technical support coordinator will actively manage the downtime and keep the customer updated throughout. The key objective is to get the vehicle back on the road in the minimum time.

By phoning ‘OneCall Assistance ( 050-800 9695 )’ hotline, AFS customers are offered a number of services including:

  • A dedicated vehicle booking and query line
  • Out of hours servicing and maintenance
  • Replacement vehicles
  • 24 hour breakdown assistance
  • Replacement windscreens, new tyres, batteries and exhausts
  • Commenting on the new service, Mr. Khaled Al Badie, Chairman of AFS said:

    “AFS OneCall” has been in place simultaneously with the launching of the AFS call center and when it was first introduced it was heralded as a unique service to AFS’. Khaled Al Badie continues: Now, many of our competitors offer a similar service to OneCall, in order to keep ahead of the market, AFS needed to reconsider the market and understand the needs of our key customers to provide a specialist service to vehicles drivers – this due diligence created ‘OneCall Assistance.

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