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The finance/Leasing company is the legal owner of the vehicle
Yes, age can differ depending on what type of vehicle you would like to hire. In most cases it is 23 years minimum. Please call our Customer Service Team on Number 02 622 8388 / 050 800 9695 or make an enquiry for further clarification.
Our contracts range from 12 to 36 months depending on the vehicle and contract chosen. Moreover, we have short term programs and tailor-made programs for longer terms and Mini-Lease. More
While a minimum one payment upfront is available, typically an initial deposit of 2 monthly payments is required. Larger deposits can be given to reduce the monthly payment. However, this varies depending on the type of vehicle and duration of contract.
Yes, that is acceptable but the holder of the credit card has to be present to authorize this payment prior to the rental commencement date.
All of our car leasing deals include free delivery or collection within Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, for short term rental delivery/collection, surcharges may apply depending on duration and category of vehicle.
Yes, however this may incur additional delivery/collection charges. Delaying the collection of the car after the agreed time will apply extra charges.
All brand new lease cars come with the standard manufacturer warranty supplied at main dealer level.
Definitely yes, the vehicle/s is fully comprehensively insured for the length of the contract. Moreover, optionally Personal Accident insurance programs can be presented and included to your leasing package.
Yes, all vehicles requested for leasing tenures are brand new purchased from a reputable preferential UAE dealer with full manufacturer’s warranty unless otherwise stated. Moreover we can afford vehicles in excellent conditions from our existing fleet for short term requirements.
Every lease car contract gives an excess mileage price. Consequently, if you exceed the contract accumulated mileage you will be charged an excess mileage charge which is advised prior to you signing your contract.
Yes, rates include the full cover maintenance; this generally covers the routine car service and any wear and tear items which need replacing and 24/7 breakdown recovery and assistance.
A maintenance package covers routine servicing and replacement in cases of unlikely breakdown events, wear and tear items for your vehicle during the leasing period.
You will need to assess the overall cost across the contract term. Take into account your expected mileage and each car individual schedule. Some customers choose maintenance as it spreads the cost out over the contract term.
Yes, all vehicles include 24/7 breakdown recovery and assistance.
All our cars based on business or personal contract hire come with Salik Tags supplied for the duration of the contract. Consequently, the crossing charges are the customers responsibility along with additional AED 1/- per cross as administration fees.
This means your liability for damage caused to the rental vehicle is relinquished if it is involved in a collision due to your fault. The waiver is limited to a certain amount and often excludes tires and any towing. The waiver usually carries an excess/deductible of a certain amount; this means that the renter will be liable for a certain amount which varies depending on the Type of vehicle and duration
It is possible to do this but you will incur an ‘early termination fee’ which is advised prior to you signing the lease Master Agreement. This would be taking into account the duration of the contract left and the market value of the vehicle.
At the end of the lease you can either arrange for the vehicle to be collected or you can extend the contract on a month by month basis, or purchase the vehicle. You may also be allowed to sign up to the same vehicle for six or 12 months and get a discounted rental. For most clients, we just order a new vehicle prior to end of the contract and then your old car and new car will be replaced if advised in the Master Agreement.
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