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Khaled Al Badie

A sturdy commitment for AFS to enduring development

As company cars are daily working tools, corporate image medium and motivational factor for employees, each enterprise face a set of unique and complex challenge, fine beyond simple technical and financial issues.

AFS works at delivering the best value mobility solution modified to your company needs, in full respect of UAE market culture, and keeping in mind that company cars are a very sensitive subject in human resources policies.

As a service company, AFS gives a major attention to the quality of the relationship with its clients, drivers and fleet managers. We invest every day to deliver pragmatic and efficient solutions to reduce down time and to better manage fleet costs.

“Innovative Auto Solutions” is our company’s motto, going beyond your expectations; our consultancy approach will promote solutions for today that will still be valid tomorrow.

Wherever you are, for any kind of vehicle and for any size of fleet, AFS is looking forward to serving you the best way ever.

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